We are honored to tow and transport cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s for wonderful folks all over greater Puyallup, Pierce County, and Washington state.

C McKenna
My overall experience with Tow Force was very pleasing and I don’t have any reservations about providing my recommendation.Recently, I drove my somewhat older Ford to a dentist appointment in Federal Way when on the return trip the car died on me. The car had given me no indication that it was having an issue (otherwise I would have drove another car)-it just stopped working. I tried and tried to get it running but as I am not mechanically inclined my only option was to have it towed to a garage rather than me work on it in the middle of the street. Unfortunately, I had let my AAA lapse so I had to call around and 1) find a tow company that was willing to retrieve the car in Federal Way and bring it back to the repair shop in Puyallup, 2) find someone that didn’t keep me waiting all day and 3) someone that wasn’t going to rip me off and take advantage of my misfortune. I called a number of towing companies and selected Tow Force. I couldn’t be happier with that decision. First, I was amazed at how quickly Steve and Tow Force arrived on scene. When others were telling me it might be a 3 hour wait (with no guarantee of an actual time), Steve arrived in just a fraction of that time. Second, that truck was so clean it was beautiful. I have never seen a tow truck look so nice (that tells me they have some pride in what they do). Third, Tow Force didn’t rip me off. They charged a fair price and I was very happy they didn’t take advantage of my situation (as compared to what the other companies were quoting me). And finally, for what it’s worth I thought that Steve was a very professional individual. He treated me with respect, didn’t talk down to me, and was just a pleasure to talk to. Even the company’s dispatcher, Carrie, was pleasant to talk to, which was a stark contrast to the others I talked to that day.Thank you Tow Force!!
I have known the owners for decades now (since early 1980's) - they are dedicated to quality and value in everything they do. Their new towing arm is not just high value, but also can ensure your vehicle is towed or roadside assistance is from Extremely highly trained and skill Master Mechanic and tow personnel. Steve has earned business contracts from many of Pierce Counties biggest dealerships because often they cannot fix the problem or Steve and Carries shop 15th Street Automotive in Puyallup on 10th street S.E can fix it for so much less it pays them to send it to 15th Street Automotive rather than their own service area!!!
Meghan Renken
The owners at Tow Force have done my vehicle repairs for nearly 20 years. So when our truck died on the side of the freeway while towing a boat, I knew I could trust Tow Force to take care of my family. Steve was there within 30 minutes of calling & even comforted my daughter who was worried about leaving our truck. I will always use Tow Force when I need assistance.
Morgann Cole
Harmony Jones
From beginning to end the service was efficient and professional. Thank you to Steve for bringing my car to me and being so kind!
Thomas Collins
Steve did a great job he was on time got my car to the place where it need to be fix
Kathy Williams
Love, love, love Tow Force, and the owners associated! Talk about integrity!!! Reliable, courteous and reasonably priced. I've recommended Tow Force to all my friends and family members and even considered making up some little "business cards" for them to keep in their glove box so they will have Tow Force's contact number at-the-ready whenever they need it.
Donald Waddell
Professional, fast service, cooperative
Mad Moxie
Very professional and friendly :-)My car was in a difficult spot to get to and it wasn't a problem. It got loaded without a problem and was dropped off at home safe and secure. I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family. 👍 Thanks!
jackson holland
professional precise transport of my dead pickup-thx
Laura Swales
Lost our car key on a weekend getaway in Long Beach. Not only did the tow truck come and get us, but took us back to the Seattle area. Had a high attention to detail and never complained once about the long jaunt . Steve was great!!!
Bridget Frederick
On my way to a doctor appointment, the lower ball joint in our Tacoma truck broke leaving me on the side of a busy road. Steve with Tow Force arrived quickly and got to work. He was professional, courteous and worked fast. He dropped the car off at our home exactly where we asked him to and even propped up the broken side with blocks. This allowed a family member to come and pick me up so I could still make it to my appointment...late but made it. I will keep this business card in my wallet for sure to use again. Excellent Company
J Judge
Steve was friendly, respectful, and kind! And very punctual. A great experience to have when you’re in a not so great situation.
Natallie Gildon
Very Professional, prompt, and honest. They got more information on how they could help before they made a promise, and called back quickly!Would recommend!
Katie Dabner
greg hayes
ON Time, friendly driver, state of the art equipment, totally satisfied with his service and help, 😊
Rick Carver
Steve was awesome and a pleasure to do business with. He was quick, safe and courteous. I was impressed with how fast he was able to get to me and drop of my SVU.
Steve Swanlund
Marty Church
My van broke down on the road. Never a fun experience, quite stressful in most cases. I called 15th Street Auto and they were at my vehicle in 30 minutes!! Steve was polite and professional. Had my vehicle on the truck in minutes. The tow truck was clean and comfortable. It was a great experience!
Mike Powers
Was told it would be 45 min for him to arrive. He called with in 5 minutes and was on site in about 11 minutes. Steve was kind, professional, and careful with my truck. I can not say enough good about Tow Force. They will be my first call when ever I need tow/Vechicle services
Michel Gambier
We had a bad punctured tire on our car while taking a small vacation on the Washington coast. Our roadside assistance service paired us with Tow Force for a long tow from Ocean Park back to Seattle. Their service was exceptional. They arrived on time and took great care of our car from pickup to delivery at the dealership. They were very friendly and extremely professional. Great example of customer centricity. Would not hesitate to use them again.
Alyssia Cuzcueta
Gentleman that picked up my vehicle was very professional & you can tell he was well experienced (compared to other tow companies I’ve used in the past). Highly recommend!
Steve was very professional and a huge help getting my lowered Nissan 370z onto his truck and on its way. He made sure to take extra care using blocks and wedges to get it onto the truck with no added damage.Highly recommend thier services, and ask for Steve if you also have a modified vehicle!
Teresa Moe
Alex Rennie
S Math
Grant Galaviz
Dawna Wade
The driver was great! Quickly got my vehicle off the freeway exit and got my vehicle to its destination! Best tow service ever! Highly recommend this service!
Javonna Lewis
Gilberto Gandia
In my opinion Tow Force is the Best !!!!
Lindsay Hoffman
Jirad Bakko
Tylar H
Very quick, friendly and professional.
Laurie Walker
Jovan McCoy
One step very simple process.
Martina Beltran
Be Happy
Kareen Seerley
John Fox
dora lee
The service was great ..The gentlemen( steve) who hooked up my carTook great car of her :)I will diffently recommend this service..5 star ★★★★★
Susie Taylor
Steve helped us move a forklift to a new location. The job was done quickly and most importantly safely. Thanks Steve!
Taylor Davenport
Glenn Whaley
Derek Matanane
We have had many cars towed before and this was hands down the best experience. He was so friendly to my children and engaged with them so well. We will definitely only use this company for any future needs as well as refer it to family and friends.
Chris Martin
Robert Hernandez
Driver was great at updating status and estimated time arrival. Friendly, prompt and professional service. Went out of his way to turn a difficult scenario into one less stressful. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of world class road side service.
Michael Klein
Caitlin Harrison
The driver Steve at Tow Force is the most knowledgeable, professional driver you will ever meet. He treats you with respect and treats your car like his own. When I know Steve is on his way I know my vehicle will be well cared for, safe and delivered to the location of my request in a timely professional manner. I will only being using Tow Force for any of my towing needs in the future.
Marisela Garcia
Sam Neill
Ryan Haven
Dave McCord
Chris Junio
Quick to arrive and hook up the vehicle. Which was great because the last thing I want to worry about is how my experience was with the tow company as I’m trying to figure out what to do with my broken car. Dispatcher and driver was cordial and even added some humor to try and brighten my day. Thank you!
David Lobban
wen shu
They handled everything professionally, and they pay close attention to all the details as well. They treat the car like their own.
Robin Healey
Great service and was on time! Steve is always professional!
katie aguilar
Elizabeth Reed
Arla Gustafson
Kate Walters
Matt Christensen
Ericka Zvetkoff
Was a very seamless experience from setting up the tow to the driver picking up my vehicle and towing it to the shop.
Mick Stangley
Robert Bowron
He had very nice equipment very professional very friendly
T.M. Wright
Jim Hoodless
Judy Vernoy
AJ Schmitz
They were cordial, on time, and professional
Naani Payne
Lauren Bertolino
Fidel Rodriguez
Matthew Mcgruder
Danny Sims
Amy Cogan
Pink Floyd
15th Street Automotive uses these people the guy actually called me to let me know he was on his way and I guided him in
Tiffany Walker
Robert Justesen
Matthew Bjorkman
Abel Wallace
Michael Sapp
The company contacted me to tell me when they would arrive, and I got too busy at work to go. But the gentleman received the keys from my wife and took care of everything without me being there. Fast courteous service from a TRUE PROFESSIONAL!!!!
Helen Botsford
Amber Tudor
Trevor Jess
The best in town!!
Prentice Lewis
I called to get my car towed and it was done in a matter of minutes. It’s always stressful to leave your vehicle in the hands of others but Tow Force can have my car anytime. Haha

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