Towing FAQ

Do You Want Me To Put The Vehicle In Neutral?

We are asked this question on almost every vehicle. The short answer is no – it’s unsafe. A vehicle cannot be controlled when the vehicle transmission is in neutral. Your tow professional will secure your vehicle with a towing cable before releasing the transmission on a disabled vehicle. When your tow professional arrives on the scene, he will ask for your keys.

Do You Need My Keys?

Although we can tow your car or truck without your keys, it’s easier, less expensive for you, and less dangerous if we have your keys. Using your keys, we can unlock the steering wheel and take the transmission out of park. Without your keys, we use “skates” to pull your vehicle up the ramp. This can put stress on your vehicle and cost a bit more for the additional equipment.

Do I Need To Be Present At My Vehicle For You To Tow It?

We tow vehicles every day without the customer present. We call them “unattended recoveries.” You must have the keys available; usually, that means you hide them and let us know where.  We cannot pick up and tow a vehicle from a parking lot or roadside without keys to confirm the vehicle is yours.

Do You Schedule Tow Appointments?

Yep, all the time! We love to schedule tows for a future date. You will get an accurate tow truck arrival time and an exact price for your towing services.

Does My Vehicle Need to be Towed On a Flatbed Tow Truck?

Flatbed tow trucks, or rollbacks, are extremely versatile. They safely haul damaged vehicles, functional vehicles, equipment, cargo, you name it. If it can be pulled onto the lowered flatbed, it can be hauled.

Most vehicles can be safely and successfully towed behind a wrecker using dollies on the trailing wheels. There are towing circumstances that require a wrecker. For instance, when a vehicle is in a parking garage with ceilings too low for a flatbed or in a parking lot or disablement spot too narrow for a long flatbed to enter. A wrecker is required to tow tall vehicles, like a truck with a camper, to keep the center of gravity low and the overall height under the legal limit.

Have More Towing Questions? We Have Answers!

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